Imagine a world where employees have complete professional autonomy. They can control their day to day, step on and off the professional gas as needed to be effective, and they credit their employer with enabling their perfect professional bliss.

It is possible. But it involves remote work… Now and forever. 

I will refrain from using the word “unprecedented”, I promise. But taking the PERKS Convention virtual was a big decision for us, and it was deliberate. While my team and I have spent years perfecting the in-person PERKS experience, donning it with champagne, and designing an exciting and interactive event floor, PERKS events are designed to increase imagination and access to innovative employee services. 

There is no more important time to innovate on the employee experience than now.

What defines an employer brand and what draws employees to that brand is a script quickly being re-written. Future-friendly employers are going to require flexible working styles, lifestyle packages instead of just benefits, and clear definition of the experience of working for the brand – outside of Zoom calls and a paycheck.

Enter… virtual PERKS.

Believe me. No one is hoping the world returns to normal and large events come back to life more than yours truly. I revel in a packed room with creative brands and curious attendees. I’ve bet my career on the success of bringing people together around employee experience design! And now the challenge is on. 

We’ve thought long and hard about how to create a virtual experience for you that is as enjoyable as what you’ve come to expect. It’s going to require energy, great PERKS brands, engaging and thoughtful speakers and a willingness to tune in to one more virtual thing. Oh my god… one more virtual thing.

But we’ve done it. We’ve created a day and an event that will keep you learning, entertained, and tantalizes your imagination for what is possible for your team. You’ll get to discover and hear from awesome services in a no-pressure environment, hear from experts on what the future is shaping up to be, laugh, maybe even dance.

PERKS has always been a place for you to enjoy yourself so that your team can benefit from what is possible. And that it is still happening in a big, virtual, way… 

So please join us digitally this fall in NYC, LA, Boston and Chicago for an important and exciting conversation that will shape the future for your team and for you.

It’s time to get excited and pop some champagne.


Founder & Chief ‘Figure It Out’ Officer
PERKS Conventions 2020