The Rise of Employee Experience as a Means of Internal Workplace Survival

Three female coworkers having a discussionEvery industry, community, and tribe eventually experiences a changing of the guard. A new set of philosophies, ideals, and understandings come to the forefront of a collective mindset and set a new course for the group. Just as our relationship with work during the post-industrial age has evolved, the way we think about ‘HR’ is necessarily changing—and quickly, too. We have entered the paradigm of the employee experience, and there are a few reasons the baton is finally changing hands.

    • Employers are more accountable for their reputation than ever before: In the age of Glassdoor and Instagram, information about employers is more visible and more readily available to potential prospects and current employees. Recruiters now make office video tours and tout their benefits and perks packages openly on company websites. They ask current employees to post positive reviews to mask a disgruntled former employee reviews on rating sites. Employers have officially become advertisers to talent. 
    • The vantage point for talent has shifted inward: Due in large part to the aforementioned public nature of hiring, companies have had to turn their eyes internally to fill promotions. While focus on the candidate funnel is still important, focus on existing employees and their retention has gained prominence. This is seen in part by organizations now hiring ‘People Operations’ titles versus the ‘Human Resources’ titles of yesteryear, marking them as an employer who is focused on their people and not just basic labor requirements. 
    • Competing against ‘The Gig Alternative™: Much hyped and newly feared, the alternative for the modern worker is to consult and head out on his or her own. From mid-level marketers to CTOs, the number of 1099’s is on the rise—and for good reason. The overhead expense of a full-time W2 employee is recouped by the organization and the gig worker has the flexibility to make their own lifestyle while using their skills as needed. It takes the fat out of the modern work arrangement. Thus, in an age where The Gig Alternative™ is rampant, employers have to make a strong case for their mission and their experience to fend against the exodus of talent. 

At PERKS, we’re excited and supportive of the shifting mindset to a more thoughtful and holistic view of teams and work and have built our own framework around this mindset. This is written from the viewpoint of the employee, as it should be. Can your employee experience be better?


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