In-Office Chair Massages.

Zeel@Work delivers in-office chair massages‚ the ultimate office perk‚ to improve corporate wellness and boost employee morale. Licensed, insured, and highly vetted therapists in the Zeel network guarantee a 5-star chair massage.

Zeel charges by the hour and tip is always included. We are the top vendor for most insurance companies as we accept wellness dollars. Additionally, we offer discounts for companies that work with us more than once.

Employer Setup Process

To schedule Zeel@Work, use our instant booking tool, or speak to our team for custom events. Employees book their own chair massages (same-day or in advance) in a snap, and receive automatic reminders. The therapist’s bring everything- massage chairs, relaxing music, and all the extras to create the perfect workplace massage. To learn more, visit our website.