Fitness benefits made easy.

Reward each of your employees with unlimited fitness options. Zeamo lets employees attend up to hundreds of popular gyms under one fitness plan without any paperwork, receipt-tracking, or proof-of-attendance. We coordinate directly with our gym partners so your team can focus on getting active and having fun.

The employer can subsidize the benefit with a contribution of either $3 or $7 per employee per month. This can give the employee free membership of a network of 300 to over 1000 gyms nationwide. If the employer does not subsidize the benefit, the employee could still take advantage of the Zeamo subscription with no contract accessing the same network of 300 to over 1000 gyms nationwide.

Employer Setup Process

Zeamo’s digital team connects to the employer intranet platform to create a link to Zeamo platform. The employee goes to the dually branded site showing the employer logo. The employee would then register on the encrypted secured Zeamo app to enter the required information to access gyms nationwide. To learn more, visit our website