Be an employer of healthy choices.

Wildflower helps you connect your employees to all their healthcare benefits. We offer personalized support that reduces unnecessary costs and keeps good talent working well. With Wildflower, you can manage your healthcare cost trend by connecting moms to preferred providers, encouraging preventative health actions and supporting adherence to prescriptions and care plans. We drive greater utilization for your benefits (including EAP and behavioral health), and we increase engagement by offering a simple, yet powerful, mobile application that puts all the resources your employees need in the palms of their hands.

Pricing varies based on the employer group size. The employer fees include: fee by size, annual licensing fee, and one-time implementation fee.

Employer Setup Process

Wildflower makes implementation super simple. We take all of your benefit program information (descriptions, URL’s, etc.) and create content pathways within our app. We then provide you with a link to the app store and a code for your employees to enter upon registration. We then work with you to communicate and promote the program. To learn more, visit our website.