Men’s & Women’s Personal Styling Service.

Trunk Club, a Nordstrom Company & men’s and women’s personal styling service, is changing the word of employee incentives. Trunk Club for Business can help strengthen your brand image while increasing the ROI of your incentive & rewards programs. As part of the partnership, the business will purchase into a series of wardrobe packages and will have the flexibility to reward these packages to employees and/or customers throughout the course of the twelve-month agreement.

National Trunk Club has six “clubhouses” where customers can shop 1:1 with a personal stylist. Trunk Club is located in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., and Boston. Customers are also able to shop from around the country using our trunk service.

Reward employees shopping credits of $250-$10,000 per person.

Employer Setup Process

Trunk Club for Business understands the needs and goals of the organization to come up with a rewards strategy that can work across their areas of focus from customers to employees in multiple divisions and multiple different KPI drivers. To learn more, visit our website.