Creating community through coffee.

Triangle coffee operates coffee bars within office spaces to bolster community within the workplace, be an occasion for collisions across departments and skillsets, and to serve delicious coffee, espresso, and tea in a professional and sustainable manner. We handle everything from design, permitting, hiring, and the active management of the coffee service to make sure the coffee bar is one of the most exciting parts of your office.

Employer Setup Process

First, we would create a package and statement of work that best suits your office size and needs. This would include calculating the approximate amount of drinks we would serve each day to not only estimate cost but to make an appropriately sized cafe and staffing levels.

We then will need to make sure we have a space for the cafe and the basic requirements needed for a coffee shop: electrical, water, and drainage.

Then we would decide on a timeline for the cafe buildout and launch.¬†We work directly with your building’s facilities management, hired contractors, and vendors to set up and implement our service.

Once the cafe is built we are able to install the equipment, finalize a health inspection, and open! The potentially most time-consuming period is creating the Statement of Work and design elements of the cafe.

Please contact Triangle Coffee via our website to get a personalized quote and implementation proposal.