Easy, Modern PTO Management.

Treehoppr takes the pain out of time off management and helps businesses understand, encourage, and incentivize employee PTO usage.

Our travel benefits platform (first-ever of its kind) enables employers to control costs and reduce PTO related liabilities sitting on their balance sheets by helping employees take more vacations throughout the year – which inherently improves well-being, retention, and recruitment.

Freemium model. We give away portions of our platform for free, but once employers are paying, it costs $6.50/PEPM ($78 annually).

Employer Setup Process

All an employer needs to do to use our service is sign a contract with us and upload a CSV of eligible employees to the platform. We walk through a one-time setup with the administrator and then, do a webinar with employees to educate them on how to best utilize our platform. To learn more, visit our website.