Turning employees into teammates. 

Workplace wellness should be less work and more fun. Training Amigo provides one cohesive platform for employee wellbeing, engagement, and recognition with real-time data and analytics. Our platform will help companies save money managing disjointed systems, address health risks and improve workplace wellness. 

We charge per employee per month based on enrolled users. We have three tiers of software with add-ons to make it easy for companies to get started no matter the company size, goals or budget. Here is some more info on our website – https://trainingamigo.com/pricing.

Employer Setup Process

Your journey with Training Amigo starts with a consult where we ask you several questions about your company and its wellness background to tailor initiatives perfectly for your employees. Then we lay out for you how we’re going to help your company improve wellness from the ground up. We swiftly help you implement and integrate our software and strategy in less than 60 days. Our team helps you analyze data on a continual basis to see where adjustments need to be made.

To learn more, visit our website.