Enhancing the employee experience through benefits

ThrivePass’ WSA is an automated stipend, reimbursement, and rewards program that supports employee choice with a more holistic approach to wellbeing. WSA Funds are:

  • Inclusive: funds can we used across a broad set of predefined or custom wellbeing categories like financial, emotional, mental, social, physical, or even parental wellbeing
  • Personal: give employees choice on how they use their funds – through reimbursements at vendors of their choice, or through our discounted marketplace
  • Flexible: Customize employee allowances to fit your budget and categorize spending to match your company culture
  • ThrivePass’ Learning and Development Account automates Tuition Reimbursement and Continuing Education programs to help employees take advantage of pre-tax eligible education benefits.
  • Simplicity: Traditional programs are done on paper and can be cumbersome. Even existing automated tools can be intimidating and feel like a lot filling out university applications. ThrivePass simplifies the process for employers and employees, making the benefit more accessible to all.
  • Oversight: Even with its simple interface, the Learning and Development Account can be customized and utilized to automate enrollment, approvals, and reimbursements based on the needs of your organization.

Employer Setup Process

ThrivePass provides a white-glove implementation for all clients. Our robust integrations make connecting to your existing ecosystem of payroll or HRIS systems simple and pain-free. To learn more, visit our website.