A creative corporate wellness consultancy.

Who says corporate wellness has to be so boring? The Wellness Project NYC is the first truly creative corporate wellness consultancy. Marrying holistic health and entertainment, TWP mobilizes employees to be their healthiest, most inspired selves. They take care of your company’s most important asset, its people, by breaking down holistic wellness, making it attainable and accessible for everyone. TWP services companies of all sizes, across the country.

Workshops are priced by workshop; packages are incentivized. Creative events have an associated flat fee and per per production cost associated. Content has a flat fee associated, pending TWP is not responsible for distribution, there is no per person fee.

Employer Setup Process

We assess client goals and interest during a brief, 10 minute consultation call. From there, we share a proposed strategy with associated pricing. Program can be as turn-key, or customized as a client desires. To learn more, visit our website.