We make rewards easy to send & awesome to receive.

Tango Card believes it should be easy to send and administer gift cards as employee rewards, sales incentives, referral rewards, and as part of make-it-right or rebate campaigns. Tango Card provides a digital reward catalog with e-gift cards, Reward Links, digital prepaid cards, and non-profit donations. Managers and other approved senders can send rewards on-demand with the Rewards Genius Dashboard or you can integrate and automate reward programs with the Rewards as a Service API. Learn more at www.tangocard.com.

Rewards Genius dashboard comes at no cost. Ordering digital rewards through Tango Card and Rewards Genius costs face value of the gift card or Reward Link (i.e., a $25 gift card costs $25). Options available for fees:

  • Custom Reward Link(s) – branding throughout redemption experience and custom catalog – $450 one time cost.
  • Reward Link with an option for the plastic gift card by mail – face value of gift card + $1.00.
  • Funding account by credit card – 3.5% convenience fee. Wire, ACH, and check have no associated fees.

Employer Setup Process

Signing up and getting approved for Rewards Genius is a simple process where we validate your business before giving you full access to the platform. From there, creating your first email template, funding your account, and ordering your first reward can all happen within 1 business day. Additional configurations, such as inviting additional users, setting permissions, and even uploading user whitelists, can all be completed to streamline your reward program. We have help guides as well as a sales and support team standing by to help you tailor Rewards Genius to your needs.

To make your program a success, we can help with basic launch communications to explain Rewards Genius to senders and Reward Link to recipients. Letting senders know how simple ordering is and recipients know how awesome Reward Link is they won’t be able to wait to get one! To learn more, visit our website.