Providing Your Office With A Unique Snacking Experience.

Healthy snack delivery service, dedicated to sourcing the most innovative, emerging, snack brand, providing your office with a unique experience. We focus on cleaner, more natural ingredients, allowing your team to feel happy, energized, and more productive! We want to take the snack hassle off your plate, so with a monthly curation, automatic delivery, and unique brands perfect for many different diets, it allows you to allocate your valuable time to more pressing issues. Get 40% off retail prices on the best emerging snack brands.

Our snacks are $150-$300/box per month (including delivery and a display case). Memberships enable increased flexibility in per box pricing.

Employer Setup Process

Setting up a membership with SnackNation is simple. We do a discovery call with your team to understand your needs, then we set up a delivery schedule. Snacks are delivered in SnackNation boxes with each sku being separated in slots to make for easy storage and stocking of the snacks in your kitchen. We assign a member of our team to work with you to make sure that the types and quantities of the snacks you receive are ideal for your office.

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