The Smart Dental Benefit.

Smylen is a better way to browse, book, and save on dental care – without wasted premiums or restrictions. Our membership is a low-cost, high-savings dental benefit that your team will actually enjoy using. Smylen can be used as an alternative or supplement to a traditional dental insurance plan.

Smylen’s Care Navigators™ are available for remote workers to take advantage of: answering dental questions, finding the right provider (i.e. specialist, in-network, etc.), calculating in & out of network patient costs, appointment scheduling, financing, paperless pre-registration, and more. We do it all and ensure the member experience is top-notch.

Employer Setup Process

Please contact us for a brief call to discuss implementation with your company. We can roll out at any time of the year, integrate with popular HR/benefit platforms, and our standard implementation time is less than 1 week. Smylen handles all of the employee engagement and customer service beyond that. For more information, visit our website here.