Virtual Babysitting & Tutoring On Demand.

SitterStream is a virtual, on-demand babysitting and tutoring platform/company offering 30, 60 and 90 minute engaging, fun and educational sessions for children. Employers can offer this benefit to their employees/parents who are struggling to balance working and managing their household.
Memberships are priced on a per member per month basis, ranging from $15.99-18.49. For larger companies and/or longer commitments, flat discounted rates are available. Session fees are separate and pricing ranges from $13 for 30 minutes of babysitting to $45 for an hour of tutoring.

Employer Setup Process

Once in contact with our sales team, employers are provided with the SitterStream service agreement. After terms and the program are settled on, we provide our employers with a simple instructional/ informational on-boarding PDF for dissemination to eligible employees. We also offer and strongly recommend a Welcome Zoom session in which our team will provide a town hall explanation and Q&A for employees.

To learn more information, please check out our website here.