Give your employees the confidence of clean clothes & the time savings they crave.

Say hello to Rinse and goodbye to laundry day! Rinse for Business is the first dry cleaning and laundry benefit that picks up, professionally cleans, and delivers to employees at home or at work.

Rinse for Business is free for employers (*companies with under 100 employees may be charged a small fee), whether or not they subsidize all or part of the cost of dry cleaning and laundry services for employees. Companies that subsidize the cost of dry cleaning and laundry services can receive up to a 15% discount on cleaning costs; employees paying for the service themselves receive a 10% discount on cleaning services, plus Rinse credit to start.

Employer Setup Process

Employers can get started with Rinse in as little as a day! All that’s needed is a signed agreement, which includes the service details of your choice: @Home and/or @Work service and company subsidy (if any). If you’re choosing @Work service and would like Rinse to provide a wardrobe for drop off and pick up, we’d be happy to discuss those details with you so we can swing by for that first pick up! To learn more, visit our website here.