Giving employees a better way to buy.

Purchasing Power is a voluntary benefit for employees that gives them access today to thousands of products for which they can pay for overtime through payroll deduction. We are an alternative for employees when cash or credit is not an option or they may be concerned about keeping their savings on hand for unexpected expenses. Our goal is to financially empower employees, afford them peace of mind, foster responsibility, and help increase their engagement and productivity within your organization by decreasing their financial stress.

Employer Setup Process

To get started, meet with sales team to understand your payroll process. If applicable, we do client discovery with a sales engineer. Once an agreement is signed, the standard client launches within 4-6 weeks. Then we have an implementation call to discuss program overview, operational items (HR, AP, IT), and communications plan. From there, we conduct operational setup and testing. Once launched, a post-launch account manager will be the point of contact and facilitate communications plans.

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