Help smokers.

Pivot is a digital smoking cessation platform proven to help even smokers who say they aren’t ready to quit. Smoking is still the leading cause of preventable death and chronic disease worldwide, and it costs the U.S. economy more than $300 billion each year. Pivot combines a patented and FDA-cleared breath sensor, personalized behavioral mobile app, and certified human coaches into a consumer-grade platform that enrolls more than three times as many smokers as the industry average. When switching to Pivot, employers can engage more employees, save millions in excess costs, and save lives.

Employer Setup Process

As a stand-alone smoking cessation program, the client success manager will work with clients to make sure Pivot is appropriately integrated into their overall wellness approach including, communications, engagement strategies, identification approaches, referrals, etc. Our tenured client success team is acutely aware of how convoluted programs can be and will work with clients to develop the most streamlined deployment approach for the most significant success. Client satisfaction surveys will be deployed upon completion of implementation and upon contract renewal. To learn more, visit our website.