Make the commute to work more productive and pleasant!

Pablito is a modern shuttle service that is changing the way employees commute to work. We work with companies to set up custom routes, creating pick up/drop off points in high-density areas or connecting people with public transit. We offer a mobile app for riders to book their rides and track the shuttle. We also provide an admin dashboard for company administrators to track ridership statistics. Working with Pablito can drastically change the well-being of your employees, let us handle the most stressful part of their day, the commute.

We work on a 6-12 month contract basis. The cost covers the shuttle, driver, and software. Every contract will vary based on the data we gather during the route design phase. We need to calculate the hours of service for the drivers and the milage for the vehicles.

Employer Setup Process

Initially, we meet with the employer to gather data and conduct employee transportation surveys to better understand where employees live and their primary mode of transportation. Then, we promote the service and instruction for using the mobile app to the employees.

Once we go live, we will conduct monthly status reports to figure out if changes to the route must be made. To learn more, visit our website here.