We help employees and their families stay private on the internet

People-search sites, such as White Pages, MyLife and Spokeo make a business out of selling people’s private, sensitive information. When someone performs a simple Google search for their name, the employee becomes exposed to annoyances such as spam communication as well as more serious dangers of identity theft and even home attacks.

As the only fully automated solution on the market, OneRep has removed 4,000,00+ unauthorized personal profiles from the internet since 2015.

Companies that want to protect and support their teams add our solution to their Employee Benefits Program

    • Scale to support any size organization
    • Flexible plans
    • Integration with existing benefits
    • Easy billing models
    • Support and onboarding for program admins and users
    • Get up and running within days


How OneRep works

    1. We SCAN 100+ sites to find where the individual is exposed
    2. We then ERASE their personal information from these sites
    3. Then, we continuously MONITOR all the 100+ sites to make sure your people stay private

Please visit OneRep.com/business for more details.

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