We bring delicious and nutritious food to the workplace.

Oh My Green is the Eat Healthy, Work Happy, Live Bliss company. Offering a complete wellness platform that brings delicious and nutritious food, healthy snacks, drinks, and wellness practices to the workplace to improve employee productivity and engagement.

Oh My Green provides micro-kitchens, micro-markets, catering, cafe management, subscription boxes and more to small businesses and enterprises. Our sophisticated stack leverages AI and IoT technologies, enables a flexible supply chain, and provides full analytics to our clients for easy account management.

We work with some of the worlds leading companies as Apple, Google, GM, Slack, Reddit, and more. Oh My Green’s offerings help people live healthy lifestyles so that they can reach their full potential in and outside the workplace.

Employer Setup Process

For companies under 50 people, sign up for Snack Box monthly subscription. For companies more than 50, we will have a walk-through to elevate their workspace and provide customization food budget and service plan for them.

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