In-Office Stretches. 

NY Stretch provides premium assisted stretching services for NYC businesses and professionals. We bring certified stretch specialists to your office to treat employees onsite. We address common workplace issues, such as low back pain, poor posture, muscular tension, and neck and shoulder pain.

Our services are for professionals and executives who recognize that a healthy body and a focused mind help them do their jobs more effectively. The result is productivity! They’ll feel the benefits immediately, and walk out feeling recharged and ready to go.

We can accommodate a variety of session lengths and packages depending on the needs of the company. Pricing is all inclusive, including set up, break down and massage tables. Employees don’t need to change their clothes. They can go straight from their desk to the stretch table!

Employer Setup Process

Employers can contact us via phone or email to coordinate. Scheduling and payment are also fully automated from our website.