Guide your employees to better health.

Nutrition is the cornerstone of good health. Our mission is to help every individual to easily reach their health goals through better nutrition. We believe that food is medicine. Therefore, every person’s remedy is unique.

Nuwise Business Model: Freemium Business Model, providing a free-direct-to-consumer version where employers or health plans choose to sponsor access to Premium Memberships and advanced nutrition programs. The Premium Membership Fee is tiered based on volume. It ranges from a high of $1.49 per month per enrolled Premium Member to a low of $0.79 per month once the volume of Premium Members enrolled reaches 25,000. Prices reduce even further at higher volumes as well. Only those that select a Premium Membership, are charged a monthly fee.

Employer Setup Process

Employers agree to provide a simple eligibility file, that includes first name, last name and e-mail address. We do all the heavy lifting to promote and market the program to employees, creating the value proposition to encourage employees to select the Premium Membership version for added value. To inquire about getting Nuwise for your company or health plan, email or visit our website.