Innovative Craft Beverages

At NOBL Beverages, we produce and distribute innovative, non-alcoholic, craft beverages that are held to the highest standard of freshness. With offerings including categories like coffee, tea, kombucha, and seltzer, NOBL is able to provide a draft service for the modern office.

NOBL has two pricing options for employers.

  1. Order as needed. Office managers can place orders for the products their employees are asking for on an as-needed basis. Delivery is available from 1-5x per week. Pricing ranges by product, but typical price points is about $1.50 per employee per serving.
  2. Subscription model. Starting at $399/mo, this model can fit any size of office budget. With a subscription, our program runs on auto-pilot with regular re-occurring deliveries of products on your schedule.

Employer Setup Process

Signup is quick and easy. One of our representatives will work with your office manager to decide how many draft lines make sense for your application. Then, using a simple onboarding form, we collect ordering and billing information. Finally, each employer is set up with an intuitive app or web-based ordering platform. Order by your set day and receive weekly deliveries of your product! All equipment setup and maintenance is taken care of.

To learn more, visit our website.