An Eclectic Mix Of Tasty, Well-Sourced, Up-And-Coming Snack Brands.

At Nibble, we look coast-to-coast to find an eclectic mix of tasty, well-sourced, up-and-coming snack brands that tickle your taste buds again and again.

Snacks you love to eat. Snacks that fuel your day. Snacks that nurture your body. At Nibble, we take our snacking seriously. We hope to inspire your team to explore and taste. We believe snacking invigorates office culture.

We offer two snack options: Nibble Snack Packs starting at $100 and Nibble Nooks (full service snack set-up) starting at $300.

Employer Setup Process

We will schedule a call/meeting to determine employer’s snacking needs. To get started, email: or visit our website.