Corporate lactation programs & new parent transition coaching.

MommaWork is the leading provider of corporate lactation support services, lactation accommodation law compliance and new parent transition coaching. We offer a hands-on concierge approach to care.

Pricing for employee support packages are based on a proprietary formula that predicts company birth rates and utilization hours of service. Our HR, legal support and lactation room design packages are based upon the number of office locations and legal jurisdictions. The cost of our breast pump rentals varies depending upon the number of rentals, and the number of services subscribed. Employee welcome baskets also vary, depending upon the number of support items included. Actual numbers are provided directly to employers following an initial discovery call.

Employer Setup Process

Our customer service team will begin with a discovery meeting where we collect the necessary data to make program recommendations for your company. Following the proposal stage and contract execution, our onboarding team will meet with the appropriate team members within your company to discuss implementation. Throughout the entire process, our customer service team remains in touch with your company to ensure client goals are being met and satisfied. To learn more, visit our website