Your company’s partner for working parent support.

We support working parents! MommaWork is a management consulting firm that strategically partners with companies to provide support for employees as they transition from “working person” to “working parent.” MommaWork offers support services both for the employee and employer. On the employee side, MommaWork offers corporate lactation support services, including hospital grade breast pump rentals, and a new parent transition and family coaching program. On the employer side, we offer legal compliance oversight, human resources support and manager sensitivity training. In fact, we are the only provider of these services able to ensure compliance with federal, state and local lactation accommodation laws. Everything we do is designed to improve employee productivity, drive the bottom line and support working parents in achieving their families’ personal goals AND professional success.

MommaWork solves the problems plaguing most companies (post-leave turnover, productivity loss, lactation law compliance, discrimination claims, etc.) as employees enter parenthood, and offers a win-win solution that benefits both the employee and employer. To date, we have helped countless working parents achieve their goals and we could not be prouder!

  • Employers are charged a flat fee annually for our employer support services: $4,500 annually for unlimited lactation accommodation law oversight and HR guidance in all matters pertaining to working parenthood; and $1,000 annually for up to 2 hours of manager sensitivity training.
  • Employers are charged per case for employee support services: $800 for unlimited employee lactation support; and $1,500 for unlimited new parent transition and family coaching support (which serves employees, domestic partners and/or caregivers, and is inclusive of lactation support).
  • Upon request, we will modify our pricing structure to accommodate the specific budgetary needs of the client. For example, we can offer a rate of $2.75 per employee, per month based on overall company headcount to provide employers with a static expense number.

Employer Setup Process

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