Increase your benefits without increasing your budget.

Perq is the MBTA program that turns you into a commuting hero by saving your employees (and your company) money. Perq is for employers of all sizes and makes for an easy way to give your employees a little extra benefit, without adding to your benefits budget. Enrollees receive tax-advantaged transit benefits, including savings on payroll taxes and reduced transit expenses.

Perq allows employers to make bulk purchases of monthly subway, commuter rail, bus and ferry passes on behalf of their employees. Employees can then pay for those passes with pre-tax dollars. Companies also can choose to further subsidize the cost of those passes.

Employer Setup Process

It’s relatively simple to set up a recurring monthly pass order. Employers will submit a short application and who needs an MBTA pass and which pass they need, and submit that order via our online portal. For more information, visit our website