Stop Wasting Time And Start Saving Money When Managing Corporate Travel.

With, employees are free to book hotels and flights convenient to them. They can collaborate with teammates and contact Lola’s expert, 24/7 travel consultants wherever/whenever needed. And best of all, we’ll help get the same price as booking directly with major hotel chains. The end of rogue behavior is at hand.

Employer Setup Process

Setting up is very easy. Once you decide to implement Lola, you can create an account and set a travel policy in as little as 5 minutes. Then you simply invite your travelers to the account, and they download our app and book travel whenever they need it! Everything they book will show up in your account so you have full visibility into what is being booked, and your employees get one-click expense integration with companies like Expensify so they don’t have to submit expense reports for their trips.

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