Corporate Wellness and Events

Our mission is to provide much needed relief from stress, pain and promote a healthy work environment. We strive to provide the most relaxing and effective experience, optimizing the benefits of Massage and Yoga in the workplace. Our vision is to inspire the development of corporate wellness programs and to promote the importance of employee health in the workplace by bringing Chair Massage and Yoga directly to any office.

Anyone can call and get an estimate. We have an open schedule to make sure the event is based on the needs of the client. We also have an online submission form to submit and receive an estimate.

Employer Setup Process

An employer just needs to call us or go online to our website to request an estimate and then book their event. We assist with planning (ie, space needed, length of time, number of therapists, dates that accommodate the employer).

Please contact LoDo Chair Massage via our website to get a personalized quote and implementation proposal.