Drink well do well.

The revolutionary Lavit water cooler crafts your favorite beverages on demand! Lavit starts with great water with state of the art purification. Employees will be able to choose from over 40 refreshing beverages including brands that they know and love. Lavit capsules are the first 100% truly recyclable capsules. At Lavit, we believe that everyone has the right to fresh water. Each and every time you enjoy a Lavit beverage, someone in need receives clean, safe drinking water for one day.

Our machines are leased monthly through distributors. Pricing tends to vary depending on the distributor, how often CO2 tanks are replaced, how many EcoCaps are purchased, etc.

Employer Setup Process

We connect the customer with one of our preferred distributing partners and help them set-up a demo in their office. If the demo is successful, businesses can lease the machine and purchase EcoCaps through that distributor. In order to get the most out of your Lavit machine, we recommend trying a number of different EcoCaps and experimenting with flavors with and without bubbles!

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