Fertility coverage recruits and retains employees. 

Kindbody is a national women’s health and fertility practice created for women by women, offering enterprise partnerships to allow employers to buy their healthcare directly from the provider. We are not a fertility benefit broker. We are the actual providers (REIs, GYNs, etc.) of women’s health & fertility delivering care in our boutique Kindbody clinics nationwide.

We are revolutionizing the fertility space by providing best in class clinical care to our patients with improved outcomes, lower costs and a significantly better patient experience. We offer gynecology, fertility, infertility, mental health and nutrition services all under one boutique and beautiful roof. We’ve also developed our own proprietary technology, including a one-of-a-kind patient portal with online booking and transparency into the egg-freezing/IVF process so patients are empowered with their own information.

Employer Setup Process

Very little! In many instances, all we need is employee headcount within our markets.

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