More Human. More Resources.

It is our mission to help organizations create and sustain a healthy, engaged, and productive workforce. Our services are tailored to each client’s distinct needs and include a robust Employee Assistance and Work-Life Program (EAP), crisis management, wellbeing services, and training and coaching for managers. With an emphasis on integrity, responsiveness, and respect, we proudly serve over 175 organizations in a wide range of industries, supporting hundreds of thousands of employees and their household members nationwide.

Employer Setup Process

RFP, service agreement, and implementation set up. KGA will meet with you to establish a comprehensive launch plan. The duration of the full implementation will largely be driven by your organization’s schedule and urgency. Some clients launch within weeks, others choose to spread activities over four to six months. The scope of your implementation plan is determined by what you think is right for your organization. To learn more, visit our website.