Create and sustain a healthy, engaged, and productive workforce.

KGA’s robust Employee Assistance and Work-Life Program (EAP) is designed to reach, engage and support your busy employees and their families. We help people with everything from family crises and workplace challenges, to daycare and legal situations. Through the EAP, employees have free access to in-person, telephonic and video counseling.

Professional consultations with lawyers, financial planners, career coaches and nutritionists are also available, along with research and referrals to save employees time and money. We offer a dedicated partnership and services tailored to your organization. We will reach out to your employees, address employee stress, respond to crisis and be your partner in managing workplace risk.

Employer-paid. Free to employees and their household members. Pricing ranges from $1.80-$3.00/PEPM. For clients with under 250 employees, employer pays an annual flat fee of $10,000.

Employer Setup Process

A dedicated KGA account manager guides the employer through an efficient planning process to determine the most effective communication mechanisms, key stakeholder groups, and priority messages to include in the program’s launch. The pace of the implementation is determined by the client. With a plan in place, KGA drives the implementation ensuring all technology platforms and tools, integration with other vendors, and promotional collateral are ready, deployed and communicated.

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