Cold-pressed juice at the touch of a button.

JuiceBot is a smart vending machine where we combine the quality and customization of a juice bar with the convenience of a packaged juice. We provide an in-office juice bar in the most compact way possible to employees and customers.

We offer a subscription model for offices. Under the subscription model, the employers subsidize the juice for their employees and make it free for them. Depending on the number of employees the company has and the demand for juice monthly subscription prices change. At 1350 cups a month the prices start at $6,500/mo. At 2200 cups/mo the price is $9,500 and at 4000/mo it is $15,000

Employer Setup Process

Employers can contact us at letting us know about their office locations, number of employees working and their budgets for Food & beverage perks. We then set up a call to understand their needs better and if we both agree we arrange a site visit to place our machines and deploy within a week. To learn more, visit our website.