The coaching platform for burnout-free workplaces

Journify helps employers reduce employee burnout and increase retention by providing 1:1 online coaching with our community of independent coaching practitioners. Our coach matching engine helps each employee find the right coach for them and our platform hosts telehealth, photo sharing, goal tracking, and more.

Pay-per-use pilots start at $5,000 (for approximately 50 coaching sessions) and longer-term contracts are about $2 per employee per month (includes free concierge coach matching, access to premium coaches, and free access to the goal-tracking platform in addition to coaching credits).

Employer Setup Process

Setup and implementation are easy – we work with you to promote Journify internally and there is no integration needed. We simply provide you and your employees with a unique promo code, we track usage and share metrics with you every month.

Please contact us via our website to get a personalized quote and implementation proposal.