Experience the value of financial education.

We know how hard you work to keep your employees happy. But even with all the great benefits you have to offer, financial stress can still get in the way.

In Good Company’s team of designers, researchers and thought leaders are trying to solve that with a fresh approach to financial education. Our interactive workshops are designed to meet your employees’ needs. With hands-on activities, engaging discussions and an experienced financial coach leading the way, your employees can take steps to better understand their unique financial situation.

In return you’ll rest easy knowing your team is feeling more focused, motivated and empowered. They’ll bring their best to work each day knowing you have their back every step of the way.

Employer Setup Process

We work together with employers to deliver the best-suited workshops to their unique group of employees. Then, we bring workshops and experienced financial coaches to you, making it easy for your employees to attend. Contact us via our website or email ingoodcompany@massmutual.com to schedule a quick call to discuss your needs.