Empower your employees.

Holberg Financial is a financial health and wellness platform that helps employees reduce financial stress, saving companies per employee per year. Our proprietary “Financial Health Score” and goal-setting platform helps employees build their net worth as they set, track, and reach personalized goals.

Our platform also allows employees set up personalized meetings with our trained and registered financial coaches. Companies experience quantifiable ROI and amazing results that help attract, retain, and engage amazing talent.

Employer Setup Process

Setting up takes less than 15 minutes and once set up, is entirely managed by HF, which saves HR teams time and valuable energy:

1. Employers send HF their employee roster and we manage the rollout, welcome email, and monthly educational emails.
2. Employers send us existing benefits documentation.
3. Optional- employers can schedule a kick-off webinar or in-person lunch and learn style presentation.

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