A new approach to primary care.

HealthDirectly provides an alternative to traditional primary care. Under the existing model, people are waiting weeks or even months to see a primary care doctor, appointments average less than 10minutes, you can’t call, text, or email your doctor when you need to, and every time you go you get dinged with some kind of charge.

HealthDirectly works with doctors to offer employers an alternative to this broken model. For a low fixed monthly subscription of $60 you can give your employees access to same or next day in-person appointments, virtual access to your doctor, and zero out of pocket charges to your employees. We do all this at a fraction of the cost of traditional primary care.

Aside from offering a great perk to your employees, by offering better access to care we’ve shown we can reduce the incidence of ER visits, improve management of chronic conditions, and make significant positive changes to the overall health of your employee population. The knock-on effect is lower employer-funded healthcare costs and NPS/satisfaction scores through the roof.

Employer Setup Process

Employers can reach out to us directly. We’ll provide a portal for your employees to enroll and view faqs. Our doctors can visit your offices to explain how HealthDirectly works and the advantages of enrolling. To learn more, visit our website.