Free Financial Resources For Your Employees

We provide the kind of financial education that pays dividends, helping your employees do a better job managing their money. We offer free resources and improved benefits without adding expenses to your bottom line. Unlike many “bank at work” programs, your organization is not required to maintain an account with us to offer benefits to employees.

Free Financial Resources: Our educational programs and innovative products are designed to help your employees become financially self-sufficient and successful —whether they are well-established or just starting out. We even bring lunch!

Free Credit Score Review: A Hanscom FCU representative is available to help employees better understand their credit report and offer strategies to help raise or maintain their score for free.

Employer Setup Process

Contact Maria Porto via phone 781-799-7352 or email A letter will be sent to your company for your signature outlining our commitment to you and your employees, and that there is no cost or obligation with services, beyond employer informing their new and current employees that they are eligible to become members of Hanscom Federal Credit Union, if they wish to do so. To learn more, visit our website.