High-impact benefits for a modern workforce.

Goodly lets companies offer student loan assistance as an employee benefit. Our platform is the first to allow employers to make monthly payments, integrated with their payroll, directly to employees student debt.

Goodly charges $6/participating employee/month. We also offer volume pricing based on enrollment. Goodly does not charge a setup or implementation fees – we also do not charge any annual or recurring fees.

Employer Setup Process

Goodly’s implementation process is truly turnkey. It takes just five clicks for employers to get up and running. The average employer will spend ten mins setting up Goodly and our software automates everything down stream from there. Goodly sends welcome emails to employees, generates policy documents for the employer, and customizes welcome packets for employees. We also host onsite events and webinars to introduce employees to Goodly and our programs. To learn more, visit our website.