Office plant specialists with a focus on workplace

We help companies create amazing workplace experiences by designing, installing and maintaining beautiful live plants at work. The benefits of plants have been documented in many research articles. Our plantscapes impart a meaningful impact in reducing burnout, improving employee wellness, happiness and retention. Talk to us about bringing nature into your office with live green walls, floor plants, terrariums, moss walls, and employee plant programs!

Typical installations start at $1500, including planters, plants, delivery, and installation. On-site maintenance programs include a hassle-free plant guarantee and start at $120/month.

Employer Setup Process

Send us an email (, fill out the contact form, or schedule a consultation from our website. We meet on-site to do a walk-through and discuss your needs. We then create a personalized proposal for your space with visual guides. Once approved, installation is usually done within 2-3 weeks. Rush jobs (less than 1-week turnaround) are possible for an additional fee.

For on-site employee team-building events, popup plant sales and employee plant programs, we can discuss and finalize everything via email and call. To learn more, visit our website.