The World’s first fringe benefit marketplace.

Fringe empowers employers to offer 100+ services to their employees without the burden of managing a long list of vendors! Fringe benefits are services that enhance employees’ lives in personal and meaningful ways. These services reduce stress, give time back, spark joy, and impact families! Not only do these benefits greatly impact employers’ ability to attract and keep the very best people, but Fringe also further solidifies a culture of well-being, productivity, and diversity.

Unlike traditional benefits, Fringe benefits are personalized to the individual and self-selected by each employee. An employer simply selects the employee they’d like to enroll and the amount, each month, that they’d like to allocate to each Fringe benefits account. From a 22-year old intern to a 62-year old leader, Fringe has something for everyone.

Employer Setup Process

To use fringe, employers simply select eligible employees, select a monthly funding amount per user, and share employees’ contact info with us! Fringe handles internal marketing, enrollment, sign-ups for services, vendor management, and troubleshooting for employees. detailed reporting provided. Check out more via our website.