Accessing dental care has never been easier.

Floss Bar offers high quality, routine dental care at thoughtful prices and times that revolve around you. Expert hygienists can come directly onsite to your offices to clean, x-ray, and whiten teeth. Those who miss it can come on-site to our multiple dental offices open during the day, evening, or weekend.

Pricing: $95/cleaning, $65/x-rays, $255/professional whitening, plus each has a $25 onsite convenience fee, or no fee to come to our offices. Insurance accepted or a company can sponsor.

Employer Setup Process

    1. Pick a day for Floss Bar to come onsite. We can do a day of 4-36 people, or come multiple days.
    2. We send a signup link for the employees or their family members or kids (everyone can come).
    3. Book us a space.
    4. We show up and bring swag and everyone has fun.

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