Workplace Health Starts With a Smile

Floss Bar is a trustworthy national healthcare brand making dental care a keystone of the modern wellness program. We know that you—and your colleagues—work best when you’re looking and feeling your best. We bring preventative dental care onsite to the workplace on a recurring cycle and activate providers in the local community to sustain the continuity of care for employees at all times. You choose the method that best suits your logistics and culture – whether that’s a temporary pop-up in your conference room, mobile vehicle outside your office or a full integration into your onsite employee health clinic.

Employer Setup Process

After a quick call to determine if we would be a good fit, first step is to schedule a pilot with us. We work out the logistics and send you marketing to get the word out to your employees. When we arrive onsite we handle set up and our dental providers serve your employees the most convenient dental care ever.

Please contact Floss Bar via our website to get a personalized quote and implementation proposal.