Leveraging the power of family for learning.

The Family Learning Company provides online software that helps parents help their children learn. Employees are being pushed over the edge by having to act as a teacher for their children. The solution is family learning software that provides the necessary learning activities and gives parents a non-teacher role helping their children learn to read and write. By investing just 10% of the time that their children spend learning, parents see 100% success. And, when parents are successfully helping their children, they can focus on their own work more productively.

Employer Setup Process

First, employers need to contact the Family Learning Company to request a set of Registration Codes. Then, they provide each interested employee with our landing page URL and a unique Registration Code. From there, we handle the onboarding process. Employees enter their Registration Code and user information, and we immediately log them in while sending them an email with additional information. From then on, they receive weekly tips for how to use the program with their children. All technical support is provided by the Family Learning Company.

To learn more information, please check out our website here.