Solutions that will help you improve performance.

Engage Wellness Solutions offer intelligent massage/rejuvenation chairs for sale to companies for their employee wellness and appreciation programs. We also offer the chairs as a service – we’ll bring chairs to your office to massage your employees for the day. Our InBody composition analysis machine, allows employees to learn more about their bodies so that they can live a healthier and more productive life.

      • Chair massage – $100/hr for 2 chairs = 8 massages/hr, min 4 hours.
      • InBody body composition analysis – $25/scan, $40 for 2 scans (return visit), min 20 scans.
      • Massage chair sales – price depends on chair selected.

Employer Setup Process

We bring the chairs/InBody to your office, provide a scheduling calendar for employees, stay to ensure the massage/scan goes well, and pack everything. To learn more, visit our website, email, or call 508-934-7971.