Solutions that will help you improve performance.

Engage Wellness Solutions will bring intelligent massage chairs to your office to massage your employees. The chairs offer a custom, full body massage that feels like 3 people are massaging you at the same time. Don’t confuse these chairs with those found at the mall or nail salon – this is a very different and enjoyable experience. Your employees will be relaxed, recharged and ready to conquer the day.

Chairs are also available for sale for those companies looking to add to their existing perks and amenities.

Our inBody Body Composition Analysis Service is a great complement to any fitness challenge, nutrition/diet program or for those employees looking for more data than just their weight or BMI.

  • In Office Chair Massage – $1000 for 8 hours (up to 80 massages), $600 for 4 hours (up to 40 massages).
  • InBody Body Composition Analysis – $1000 for 8 hours (70-80 scans), $600 for 4 hours (35-40 scans). Includes review of results.
  • Massage Chair Sales – price depends on chair selected.


Employer Setup Process

We make it simple for you. We bring everything – the chairs, the InBody, supplies, etc. We also provide an on-line sign up so there’s less hassle for you. And we’re there the entire time to make sure everything goes well. To learn more, visit our website, email, or call 508-954-0886.