Make Your Workplace a Giving Place

Donii enables busy people to donate belongings they don’t need to local people who do, any day of the year, right from the workplace.

When you partner with Donii, you get a kiosk where employees can use the Donii app to match their donation items with local charities that need them, print labels for their goods, and drop them off. Donii’s courier team provides unlimited pick up and delivery service year-round, and Donii tracks and reports your engagement and impact data. In other words: it’s the social impact office perk you’ve been dreaming of.

Employer Setup Process

Set up is easy: pick a date and a Donii rep will come to install the kiosk for you. Donii requires one contact person who’s job it is to notify us via the app when your site is ready for a donation pick up (i.e. when the collection bin is full). To learn more, visit our website.