Rethink corporate wellness.

Conscioux is a program that helps companies increase productivity and employee retention by working on physical and mental health. We focus on reducing stress and chronic diseases through a balanced diet composed of mainly unprocessed plant-based foods. We set concrete goals and keep track of progress for nutrition, exercise, and sleep through our software platform, and offer regular check-ins with our expert health coaches. Each month, companies receive a report on how their workforce is doing overall in terms of stress, happiness, and weight loss. Delivered meal plans are also available upon request.

Costs vary but may include: software implementation and customization, software monthly fee, individual coaching, and group coaching.

Employer Setup Process

To onboard a Conscioux program, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire, share your logo, give an approximate list of employees to onboard, and select whether you want to offer your employees the individual or the group coaching service. Creating a company portal takes 2-3 weeks. Once completed, we will send email invites to your employees with instructions to join.

For more information, contact or view our website here.