Getting to Work is Now a Perk

Did you know the average employee spends 52 minutes commuting each day? And that the commute is the second most important component of job satisfaction? Let Commute with Enterprise turn your employees’ commute-to-work into a perk.

Commute with Enterprise connects coworkers who live near each other, then provides a recent-model van or SUV they share to ride to and from work. They split the costs and driving responsibilities, saving them valuable time and money. Up to $6,000 savings annually (includes fuel, parking, tolls, and maintenance plus wear and tear on your personal vehicle), and over 200 hours each year on average.

Impact of the commuter benefit:

  1. Employee retention- 23% leave their jobs due to a bad commute.
  2. Talent recruitment- expand and diversify the talent pool by recruiting from surrounding areas.
  3. Sustainability- every day, Commute takes 65,000+ vehicles off the road, eliminating 1.4 billion commuter miles and reducing 1.1 billion pounds of carbon emissions annually.
  4. Parking- free up parking spaces – up to 14 spots for every Commute – thereby reducing on-site congestion and reducing the long-term need for additional infrastructure.

Employer Setup Process

Contact a local rep at 800-VAN-4-WORK to discuss the impact Commute with Enterprise could have on your company. Provide an anonymized list of employee addresses and schedules; we’ll do an analysis to identify clusters of employees who live near one another. We’ll host Commuter Connection Meetings with each cluster to set up a vanpool. To learn more, visit our website.