Bring Your Company A Smarter Way To Work.

Commute with Enterprise connects coworkers who live near each other, then provides a recent-model van or SUV they can share to ride to and from work. Employees save money and arrive to work in a better state-of-mind. Companies enjoy an enhanced benefits package that aids in recruitment and retention, costs little to nothing to implement and supports corporate sustainability goals. It’s a win-win.

Employers may allow their commuting employees to fund their portions through pre-tax payroll deductions of up to $265/month because Commute with Enterprise is a qualifying public transit under section 132(f) of the IRS Tax Code (*amount varies from year to year). Employers may also choose to directly fund their commuting employees’ portions in part or in full, up to $265 per month.

Employer Setup Process

Onboarding process: we hold a meeting with company stakeholders to discuss the program and program launch. Then, employers announce partnership to employees while we host meetings to ensure employee buy-in. Finally, we deliver vehicles to the newly formed commute groups.

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