Cleo supports families at work and at home.

Cleo is a family support system that employers offer to working parents – from preconception, through pregnancy, and parenting of kids to age 5. Cleo combines an app for parents that includes coaching, content, and community with a global network of certified experts to guide families through their journey into parenthood and back to work again. Employers choose Cleo as a strategic partner to power their culture transformation and see increased employee retention, more diverse and inclusive workplaces, and reduced health claims. Cleo supports parents globally in 55 countries and works with forward-thinking companies like Uber, LinkedIn, Straus Family Creamery, and many others.

Employer Setup Process

Work with us to establish terms of service and pricing options, then we will coordinate with your benefits team around a rollout strategy.

Please contact Cleo via our website to get a personalized quote and implementation proposal.