Get the help needed to pay for education.

Citizens One has a Student Loan Debt Management Program that offers companies an enticing new way to attract and retain top talent. Get Employees to Stick with You by helping your employees manage their student loan debt. Increase Your Competitive Edge to attract and acquire new talent with compelling and persuasive benefits that help ease their student loan payments.

Leverage 3 types of platform: 1. Federal & Private Student Loan Refinance 2. Advisor on Paying Off Debt Sooner 3. Employer Contribution to Student Loans.

Employer Setup Process

An employer would speak to our relationship manager to see which benefits they would like to offer. We set up a simple unique microsite for the student loan refinance benefit and provide the employer with all the marketing information to promote it.
For our Contribution/Advisor Platform, the employer would sign off and then it is an easy process that we will train them on for implantation. Overall there is very little work that HR needs to do to offer these great benefits. We can even do onsite workshops or webinars for the employees. To learn more, visit our website here.