Wellness experiences that attract & retain talent

We are a wellness company that takes positive design, comprehensive knowledge, and dynamic programs and turn them into engaging integrative wellness experiences. But that’s not all we do. We’re equally dedicated to offering an exceptional partnership. in doing so we create relationships throughout workplaces – not just with employees participating, but with leadership, staff, and officers who hire us. We’re moving workplace wellness beyond healthy. We strive to empower people’s lives, to be proactive and create positive physical, structural and cultural environments. these are the things that attract and retain top talent. And, These are the things that matter to us – the choices that we make every day.

Wellness Program contracts fee is based on # of Employees and includes a mix of services including a wellness assessment, wellness screening, wellness education, wellness roadmap, wellness initiatives, wellness marketing solutions, and train the trainer.

Bronze Service Contract
# of Employees – 75
Annual Cost Per Employee – $ 150
Annual Total Cost – $11,250

Silver Service Contract
# of Employees – 75
Annual Cost Per employee – $ 275
annual total cost – $20,625

Gold Service Contract
# of Employees – 75
Annual cost per employee – $ 400
Annual total cost – $30,000

Employer Setup Process

We begin and continue every relationship with communication and clarity. Employers start by emailing us at cwchealth@choicewellnesscompany.com.

  • Intake Form: New contacts are sent a short survey to inquire about their needs and schedule a Free Consultation Call.
  • Free Consultation call: On the free consultation call we review your survey and let you know if we can help (if we’re not the right choice, we won’t your time).
  • Site Visit & Discovery Session: because we bring wellness to the worksite, our next step is to set up a site visit where we walk the site and get a better understanding of your needs.
  • Wellness Solution Design: our team of wellness experts and specialists gather to discuss the best solution for your organization.
  • Implementation: Once we agree on the best plan for you, we coordinate the logistics and administration to launch your customized wellness program!

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